event planning software

This event planning software is great for professional event planner, wedding planners, corporate
event planners or single vendors/merchants like magicians, DJs and single performers/bands/groups.

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This software will save you time and help keep track of your clients much better.                            

We have 20 years programming experience and 20 years in the events industry.

This is web-based software so you don't have to download anything to your computer to get it to work and no worries about updating to the latest version.  Updates are automatic!

This software is available *free for a limited time

There are 2 versions of this software. EPS-Pro3000 here (is more for people who book a lot of events or multiple sub-contractors)
The simple version EPS-Pro1000 (below) (best for single operators or very small businesses/solo entertainers and similar)

EPS-Pro1000 Details/Features:

The final pricing will be determined by the modules/options/emails you send out/amount of access.
Estimated annual pricing examples:
DJ/Guitarist/Caterer/Photographer or similar small company = $100/year  (currently FREE for first 100 users)

This software is used for tracking customer inquiries, emailing customers and easily running through your list of leads to call back daily.
That is about all the software does at this point.  Simple customer lead tracking for your sales staff to call upon inquiries/leads.

Click Here to request one of the *FREE licenses to test this software.

The basic version currently includes:
  Add new customer inquiries
  On-screen report of who to callback daily
  Ability to add notes to the customer request
  Search clients/events/inquiries
  Master database backed up daily


*free licenses are free for a limited time only.  Estimated pricing $10/month or $100 annually.  







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